Duffy & Simon Clerkship Program 2020

As you approach the end of your legal studies it can often be difficult to decide which area of practice is for you, and in which direction you should be driving your career.

The two-week seasonal clerkship program at Duffy & Simon Lawyers gives you the opportunity to explore your interests and get a feel for what it would be like to become part of the team at Duffy & Simon Lawyers after you graduate.

What we look for

At Duffy & Simon, we look for well rounded, motivated individuals; who are intellectually curious and have sound academics; who display business acumen and are practical in their approach; who enjoy a challenge and seek new opportunities; who take responsibility and use their initiative; who act with integrity and honesty in all of their dealings; who express themselves confidently while staying open to new ideas; who strive to provide excellent services to their clients; who seek a friendly, diverse and inclusive culture; and who take seriously our role in making a difference in our local community.

Application documents:

Submit cover letter, CV and academic transcript and answer questions.

Important Dates:

Applications open at 9:00 am Monday 6 July 2020

Applications close 11:59m Monday 31 August 2020


Applications open July 6 for the 2020 Clerkship