If you have been charged or find yourself under investigation with a criminal offence, seeking immediate advice from an expert criminal lawyer is crucial. The criminal and prosecution law can be daunting and complex and requires a highly experienced lawyer to navigate you through constitution.

Our criminal law experts can guide you through various aspects of criminal law, from formal police interviews through to appealing the conviction you have been found guilty for. It is our mission to protect your interests and put forward your best case from the very start, no matter the offence.

If you have been asked to come in for questioning at the police station or have been accused to be involved in an offence, we highly recommend you seek advice from one of our lawyers first, to give you a better chance to achieve a desired outcome.

  • Drug & Alcohol Offence
  • Sexual Offences
  • Driving Offences
  • Assault & Family Violence/Intervention Orders

Our expert lawyers have successfully helped countless individuals with criminal law matters. Call us to discuss your needs on 03 5941 1622.

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