Whether you are franchising your own business or buying into a franchise, understanding your obligations within the franchise structure is important. When buying a franchise you are essential buying into the intellectual property of the franchisors trademark, a license to use the franchise name. An experienced lawyer is essential to navigate complex legal issues, assist with all aspects of the franchise operations and to put the right business structures into place.

We have a wealth of experience with franchisors and franchisees across a broad range of industries, helping individuals and business expand into franchise network.

  • Preparing and advising on franchise agreements
  • Advise on obligations of franchisee and franchisor
  • Mediation & Dispute resolution
  • Advise on business structure and taxation
  • Preparing disclosure documents

Our experienced lawyers have successfully helped countless franchisees and franchisors with their franchise businesses of all sizes, call (03) 5941 1622 to discuss your needs.

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