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Family break-ups are never easy. It takes time to heal and even more effort to move forward in life. Moreover, it often involves complex legal processes that may need to be resolved before either party can move on with their lives. However, family law processes are a lot easier when you have the right legal team on your side. With the help of our family lawyers, this experience can go much smoother, and achieve fair, workable, and just results for you, your partner, and your children.

We understand how sensitive and emotional this is for everyone involved, so we want to help make things as smooth as possible by taking care of all the complex elements of family law cases. Our experienced lawyers are always ready to provide you with legal support to work through the maze of family law, whether lodging your divorce, dividing property or dealing with parenting matters for children of the relationship.

The Best Family Lawyers in Victoria

Duffy & Simon have experienced mediators who embrace innovative methods to resolve complex family law disputes. Our Victorian family lawyers provide clear and reasonable advice to help you go through the legal process. In addition, we keep our lines of communication open for regular discussion, advice and support to help you through this tricky and sensitive process. We also approach each new case with the utmost sensitivity, professionalism, and respect, especially in family law cases.

Duffy & Simon’s lawyers assisted many families in achieving just, fair and equitable results through negotiation, mediation and/or litigation. Our family lawyers can help you in each step of the process; whether you need representation in court or help in drafting formal documentation, we’re just a call away.

Property Settlements

After ending a marriage, you may wish to sever your financial relationship with your partner, and part of this is to settle all property matters between you and your former partner. However, it’s hard to make a fair decision on who gets what. One of the most distressing aspects of divorce is reaching an agreement on the separation of property.

At Duffy & Simon, we can quickly and efficiently help you finalise your property settlement and financial arrangements. We’ll work hard to find a solution to achieve a financial agreement that is both just and equitable for all parties.


Many parents are concerned about following through a divorce or separation. For instance, they may worry about the effects of the separation on their children and wonder what’s best for them.

We understand your children’s welfare is a delicate matter. That’s why our expert family lawyers provide realistic and insightful advice so you and your partner can agree on parenting and custody arrangements, making your children’s welfare a top priority.

Child Support

Our highly experienced family lawyers take time to ensure you understand your rights and obligations within the child support legislation and framework. We work to find ways to reach a fair, workable, and just arrangement for both you and the other parent.

If you have reached a point where mediation is not working, Duffy & Simon can help. Our family lawyers’ extensive background in representing clients in child and spousal support cases makes us experts in these matters.

Divorce Applications

Divorce and separation may be a relatively straightforward process, especially when both parties agree on the distribution of assets and parenting arrangements. Nevertheless, a well-experienced family lawyer from Duffy & Simon can still prove to be invaluable. They will give you advice, support, and the representation you need to get through your divorce quickly and amicably. Our family law lawyers help conclude all matters concerning the divorce, including asset distribution and parenting arrangements, tying up all loose ends so your divorce can run as smoothly as possible. In short, our lawyers will handle all the stress and hassle involved, so you don’t have to.

Family Violence

Violence at home is a serious issue that affects many families. However, it can often go undetected as family violence takes many forms, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, economic abuse, or verbal abuse. If you or someone in your home is experiencing abuse, Duffy & Simon can provide crucial advice to ensure the safety and protection of a child or a party. We’ll provide solutions such as obtaining intervention orders and further safety measures for you and your children.

Financial Agreements

Having a financial agreement enables you to protect your pre-existing assets within a de facto relationship or marriage. It allows partners to decide how their property and assets will be divided in case of a divorce or separation. This agreement can be settled before, during or after the marriage. It requires a certificate from a lawyer proving you have received independent legal advice. When your partner draws up a financial agreement, Duffy & Simon lawyers can help you go through the details so you’ll have a good understanding of the agreement and ensure a fair deal.

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