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Financial Agreement: Why Every Couple Should Have One

If you’re in the honeymoon phase of a new relationship or have been happily married for 30 years, you might be surprised to know that a financial agreement lawyer can help make you feel more secure and safe in your relationship. Despite general belief, financial agreements aren’t just for couples who are about to get […]
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The Only Quick & Simple Primer You’ll Ever Need for Family Law & Financial Statements

When dealing with a family law case, filling out a Form 13 financial statement is the first step when starting your proceedings in Family Court. Here’s our quick guide on everything you need to know about these financial statements and how to get started. What Is a Financial Statement? A financial statement is essentially a […]
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Why You Need to Hire a Lawyer to Draft Your Financial Agreement

When you’re working with large, potentially life-changing documents, having an expert on your side to guide and advise you is a must. That’s why before you enter a financial agreement, you need to speak to a lawyer. Understanding Financial Agreements Unless you’ve entered one before, it’s unlikely you’ll be fully across what a financial agreement […]
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