We help you, control your outcome.

At one stage or another you might find yourself engaged with the law, which can be a daunting experience, as generally legal matters have the potential to profoundly change the way you live your life. Dealing with the law and understanding the language is complex in nature. With Duffy and Simon you can be assured that our advice and advocacy always has your interest in the foreground as our paramount concern.

We truly care about our clients, which is reflected in the strong relationships we have built over the years. We believe in transparent and honest communication and take the time to properly understand your specific situation and needs. Part of our job is not only to provide you with the best legal advice, but also to make intricate processes and decisions easy to understand through consistent communication to keep you well informed throughout the entire process.

As a progressive leader in the legal industry with over 40 years experience, we practice and offer premium legal advice in numerous areas of the law, giving you the confidence and peace of mind of an incredibly talented and successful team of lawyers. Our practice consists of 5 experienced partners, an outstanding team of young lawyers and a dedicated legal support team.

Whatever your situation, with over 40 years experience, Duffy and Simon Lawyers will do everything possible to help you take control of your outcome.

Client Reviews

"Looking to build my first home, I reached out to the Duffy & Simon team initially for conveyancing. Their advice and services helped me towards my goal. When it came to building contracts, I didn't look any further. The team are friendly and professional. Even when I hit a road block, the team were attentive to my personal circumstances and helped me reach the best possible outcome for me. Special thanks to Matthew who's really looked after me."
C.S. | , C.S.

"Thank you for your advice about Power of Attorney. During a difficult time i was grateful to speak with someone with experience who listened with sympathy and offered practical suggestions appropriate for financial situation."
Paul White | , Paul White

"Outstanding service!!! I just purchased my first business with the help of Matt. He went above and beyond many times to ensure everything went smooth. When I had forgotten to cross my T's and dot my I's he had already done it. The rates were more than reasonable and the purchase would have fallen through if I went with anyone else! Thanks Matt!"
Ben Lukas | , Ben Lukas

"A great big thank you, Damien & Olivia, for all your selfless work in helping us establish Frankie's Community Kitchen. You generously put your hand up, and accepted our request in originally establishing the concept of the Community Kitchen, helping us to become an Incorporated Association. Then later, again, emailing and jumping through hoops, to gain Charity Status with the Australian Charities and Not For Profit Commission. All of these hours you generously provided pro bono, which enabled us to focus our energy in the cooking and provision of rescued food to those who need it most in our community.    "
Geoff Manson, Gabrielle Noonan & the team at Frankie's Community Kitchen | CEO - Frankies Community Kitchen, Frankies Community Kitchen