Clerkship 2024

The Duffy & Simon two-week seasonal Clerkship program has concluded for the year once again. This opportunity is offered to law students nearing the end of their studies, allowing them to immerse themselves in real-life legal scenarios to apply their academic knowledge. During the program, clerks rotate through various tasks, shadowing experienced lawyers, including the firm’s principals. They engage in activities such as drafting legal documents, participating in discussions on various legal matters, and observing mediations, hearings, and judgements.

Through this clerkship, participants gain exposure to different areas of legal practice, helping them to discern their areas of interest for future career paths post-graduation. The commitment and enthusiasm displayed by this year’s clerks throughout the program were truly commendable. To highlight the program’s significance for aspiring lawyers considering this clerkship, we interviewed our 2024 clerks to gather their insights and experiences.

Jessica Quinn-Quigley

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Duffy & Simon lawyers as a Seasonal Clerk. Rotating through the areas of Wills, Estates & Probate, Family Law, Property Law and Commercial & Litigation gave me a wide breadth of experience and new knowledge that is invaluable.

Throughout the program I was able to put what I have learned at university into practice. Sitting in on mediations, drafting wills, memos, and deeds, attending meetings, attending court and reviewing contracts were just some of the tasks I was able to complete and learn from during my time at Duffy & Simon. The whole team is very welcoming and supportive and provide you with guidance and encouragement along the way.

I am very grateful for this incredible opportunity and would like to thank Duffy & Simon for my fantastic clerkship experience. 

Krystal Johnstone

I consider myself incredibly privileged to have participated in the 2024 Seasonal Clerkship Program at Duffy & Simon Lawyers. From the moment I stepped through the door, I felt supported and valued by every single member of their team. Their knowledge, wealth of experience and passion was evident in all their conduct. Through rotating through their various practice areas, I was exposed to a wide range of matters which has allowed me to explore and embrace my personal interests as well as broaden my horizons. This experience has provided me with invaluable insight that has reaffirmed my decision to pursue a legal career and I look forward to applying the lessons and principles learnt throughout my career and beyond. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is interested in engaging in a reputable firm that lives by their values.

Kynan Stachan

My clerkship with Duffy & Simon started off rocky. I came down with Covid and missed the first week. In spite of this, Duffy & Simon ensured I got the most you could possibly wring out of my second week. I was thrown straight into attending meetings with clients and drafting documents, with the opportunity to use any downtime to gain some experience in any areas of law that I may have otherwise missed due to my absence the first week. While they toss you into the deep end from the get, the support offered by the supervising lawyers enabled me to feel comfortable at least attempting everything they asked of me. The experience gained by working in a firm, even for a few weeks, cannot be understated. The atmosphere of the firm is another positive. No one is afraid to have a chat or a laugh, and I’m sure I saw everyone, over the course of the week, duck into each other’s offices for help when and as needed. If you are looking for a net positive experience, even with half of it spend ill and bedridden, apply for a clerkship with Duffy & Simon.

Saydaal Amoniar

Please note the below has been taken from Saydaals feedback form:

I do not think there is anything that could be done to make the experience more enjoyable. Everything was very well structured and planned, the experience was immersive and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.

I love the culture of Duffy and Simon, everyone knows when to joke around and when to get down to business and get their work done. It feels as though everyone here is part of a big family where everyone knows personal details about each other and aren’t afraid to crack a joke and have a laugh. Furthermore, there are various solicitors and partners who are great mentors and would be so advantageous to have behind my back and constantly teaching me.

With applications for our 2025 Clerkship opening over the coming months be sure to keep an eye out for updates on our website and social media.