Duffy & Simon Law Award for Outstanding VCE Achievements.

Back: Principal Lawyer Damien McKenna, Kai Holyoak-Sparrow (Kooweerup Secondary College), Principal Lawyer Matthew Abraham, HR Peta Wentworth, and Trainee Lawyer Kira Hardiker.
Middle: Ding Dieng (Lakeside College), Caleb Lynn (Pakenham Secondary College), Rebecca Scott (Hillcrest Christian School), Miller Reed (Berwick College), Principal Lawyer Adam Cattach, Principal Lawyer Sandra Keysers, Scarlette Di Teodoro (Beaconhills College), Principal Lawyer Donald Duffy, and Trainee Lawyer Sam Mascadri.
Front Row: Lucky Kushi (Nossal High School), Achila Perera (Berwick Grammar), Jonathon Zaitsev (Casey Grammar School), Mandy Susanj (St Francis Xavier College) and Ava Markel (Haileybury)

In our 9th year, Duffy & Simon recently awarded VCE students across the community with a special law award. The award was presented to students who showed outstanding performance in legal studies during their VCE. The recipients of this award received a certificate of recognition, a $200 voucher and were invited to attend a celebratory morning tea where they were able to meet the Partners of the firm.

This year’s recipients were Achila Perera (Berwick Grammar), Asmi Gupta (St Margaret’s Berwick Grammar), Ava Markel (Haileybury), Caleb Lynn (Pakenham Secondary College), Ding Dieng (Lakeside College), Jonathon Zaitsev (Casey Grammar School), Kai Holyoak-Sparrow (Kooweerup Secondary College), Lucky Kushi (Nossal High School), Mandy Susanj (St Francis Xavier College), Miller Reed (Berwick College), Rebecca Scott (Hillcrest Christian School) and Scarlette Di Teodoro (Beaconhills College).

This award is a great way to recognise the hard work and dedication of students who have excelled in the field of legal studies. It is also an excellent way to encourage other students to pursue their interests in law and to strive for excellence in their studies.

Duffy & Simon Principal Lawyer, Damien McKenna stated ‘It’s a great pleasure for us to reward some budding students. We find it to be a really gratifying process’.

Throughout the years we have been pleased to have employed previous recipients of this law award to work at our firm, including current employees Kira Hardiker and Sam Mascadri. Both Kira and Sam started at Duffy & Simon whilst studying and have recently finished their law degrees. They will complete their PLT (Practical Legal Training) year whilst working as Trainee Lawyers.

We congratulate all the recipients of this award and wish them all the best in their future studies and careers.

If you would like more information on our Law Awards, Clerkships or any other program that we run simply email us at info@duffysimon.com.au.