Victorian rental reform

Since being delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic last year, renters have long been waiting for these key rental changes. These changes mandate minimum standards for Victorian rentals and allow tenants to make minor modifications to their homes without prior consent.

The changes are among the 130 revisions to the 2018 Victorian Parliament’s Residential Tenancies Act. The Department of Justice and Community Safety received over 700 comments from the public to help highlight issues among renters. These came from a number of people and organisations, including renters, rental vendors, business groups and advocates.

Some of the key changes to the reform include; being able to replace curtains; paint; adding security measures; planting vegetable gardens; fly screens; adding hooks for photos and paintings; and being able to install child safety measures without prior consent from the real estate or landlord.

Consumer Affairs Minister Melissa Horne said the changes were designed to “protect vulnerable tenants and turn rental properties from a house into a real home”.

The rental properties are expected to comply with minimum requirements. This includes providing a permanent working heater in the living room; hot and cold water in the bathrooms and laundry and working kitchen.

For the full list of changes to be implemented please click here and for more resources please click here.

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