Esha Kulatunga


  • Advanced Diploma of Legal Practise
Areas of Law
  • Conveyancing
  • Property Law

Esha came to Duffy & Simon as an experienced, bilingual conveyancer, having studied law in both her country of origin, Sri Lanka, and in Australia. She is well respected by her clients, as well as her colleagues, bringing a wealth of knowledge and commitment to the team.

Esha has many achievements, having studied in two different countries, meaning she has more than 10 years of in-field experiences in multiple places. Having studied at RMIT, she won the ‘Ellen Dickson Memorial Award (Advanced Diploma of Legal Practice)’, which was awarded to the student with the highest marks in this diploma.

In her time away from work she volunteers for the Cranbourne food truck provides free food to the needy and disadvantaged of the Cranbourne area.



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