Duffy & Simon: This Is Why We Are the Best Family Lawyers in Victoria

Duffy & Simon has had the honour as family lawyers to represent Victorians for over 40 years, with an understanding that few decisions carry as much weight as those that involve family. There are many circumstances that bring someone to engage a family lawyer, but the desired outcome is always to reach a fair and prompt resolution.

If you are looking for the best family lawyers in Victoria and want to know what qualities to look for, let us explain how we’ve consistently worked for our clients’ best interests, both in and outside of court.

Providing Support & Transparency

Duffy & Simon operate in the family law system every day but recognise this is unchartered territory for the average individual. When represented by Duffy & Simon, expect to be supported from the initial consultation to your final appearance — with every question and concern heard and alleviated. Your family lawyer works for you and your best interests, so there should be no feeling of unease in working with your lawyer, but a respectful relationship.

Furthermore, your family lawyer should provide transparency over the chain of events so you can anticipate what is coming and be best prepared, both mentally and logistically. After each meeting with your family lawyer, there should be a clear understanding of what the expectation is.

Can you argue in court without a family lawyer in Australia? Legally, an individual may choose to represent themselves in court, although they will not have support through this process or have the same transparency afforded to them. Embarking on a family law battle without legal counsel may be financially and emotionally costly, with the desired outcome risked in the process.

Experienced in All Areas of Family Law

It is a common misconception that family lawyers are responsible only for divorce proceedings. In fact, they are also invaluable in supporting individuals and families before and after marriage, including:

  • Formulating prenuptial agreements.
  • Coordinating parenting agreements and child support.
  • Securing intervention orders in situations of family violence.
  • Handling adoption processes.
  • Managing estate planning and will drafting.

We service clients seeking a range of family law expertise. No two situations are ever the same in family law, and your lawyer should understand the nuance required and bring a professional and considered approach to your case.

Providing Strategy & Clarity

Rarely are family law matters simple and not emotionally taxing. Your family lawyer can be the guiding force at this time of uncertainty and provide a strategy that will ensure you get an equitable outcome. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving prowess, which is a product of experience and innovation within the family law framework.

A strategy will be tailored to your unique circumstances, and all negotiations and applications will be in support of that outcome. This means that all relevant parties will be communicated with on your behalf to reach a solution that serves your interests.

Understanding Your Cost Expectations & Desired Timeline

The cost of a family lawyer in Victoria is based on an industry-standard, but a quality family lawyer will take large strides within the time and cost outlined to reach those milestones promptly. Duffy & Simon will work to keep your family law matter out of court, which will significantly reduce your financial investment, and eliminate the need to appear in court on several occasions.

Individuals who choose to take on their family law proceedings on their own will often come against friction and a drawn-out process, without the legal acumen behind them to support a prompt outcome. In circumstances of an uncongenial divorce and resistant parenting agreements, legal representation is pertinent to keeping your legal matter moving along productively and with clear communication.

Respect & Passion for the Law

Regardless of your prior interactions with the law, your family lawyer should enter a relationship with you that champions Australian family law within your case. At Duffy & Simon, we have a deep respect and passion for law, and this has allowed our clients to explore solutions that often have not been presented as an option previously. Working with a resolution-focused family lawyer should make you feel as though your rights are respected, rather than fitting into a templated and inflexible system.

From the initial consultation, it is important that your lawyer translates your case into language that is clear and educational, so you can best work within the parameters of your case and legal expectations.

Ready to Speak With the Best Family Lawyers in Victoria?

Contact Duffy & Simon to learn more about your rights and legal entitlements with your family law matter, and work toward a fair outcome. You do not have to face these legal issues alone and can expect a tailored plan and approach when you work with the dedicated family lawyers at Duffy & Simon.