Biggest Morning Tea 2024

On Thursday, the 23rd of May, 2024, we all gathered for the annual Biggest Morning Tea fundraiser. The event was a delightful celebration of community spirit, with staff members bringing an array of delicious treats to share. This collective effort was aimed at raising much-needed funds for the Cancer Council, an organisation that plays a pivotal role in supporting individuals affected by cancer.

The Cancer Council have had a profound impact to those who have been affected. With efforts encompassing a wide range of services, including providing crucial support to those impacted by cancer when they need it most, advocating for the community on cancer-related issues, empowering people with knowledge to reduce their cancer risk, and pioneering new ways to detect and treat cancer more effectively. By addressing these areas, the Cancer Council significantly improves the quality of life for many and drives forward the fight against cancer.

The Biggest Morning Tea is a significant contributor to the Cancer Council’s various initiatives. The funds raised support their prevention programs, life-saving research, and vital information and support services.

A big thank you goes to Kristie Clark for her dedication and hard work in organising this wonderful event each year, ensuring its success and the continued support for such a worthy cause.