Pakenham is the nation’s busiest property market

With Pakenham ideally located on the edge of the country and suburbia, 2019 saw it have the highest number of homes change hand then any other postcode in Australia.

With new infrastructure including new restaurants, schools, medical facilities, train station upgrades and plans for the freeway to be upgraded, Pakenham has a lot to offer. Local resident Mr Van Dord who spoke with, believes this has many people wanting to come out this way.

Barry Plant Pakenham director Matt Ketteringham told that Pakenhams affordability and large range of property options – ranging from vacant land to first-home buyer-appropriate homes, through to family houses and acreages- are a big drawcard for buyers.

Just under an hour to the CBD, Pakenham and surrounding suburbs are a hotspot for commuters. Dr Bissell, author of Transit Life -a book about our changing public transport habits- when speaking to Domain believes this is due to housing pressures, and the want to live in a decent house with a garden, and have that lifestyle, outweighed any length of commute they might face,” Dr Bissell said. 

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