The stages of a separation

Separation can be an upsetting experience for everyone involved. It is understandable that you may be stressed at this time. It is important for you and your children that you have the appropriate support to help you through this difficult time.

During a separation it is perfectly normal to experience and move through emotions similar to grief, both you and your ex-partner will both often experience this at different times.

Despite you both working through these emotions it is important to still be able to work through issues such as arrangements for your children, the home you both lived together in, money and other financial situations. Its important to remember that what you decide on for the time being is short term and legal arrangements can be formalised later on.

There are services in the community that can help: – you and your partner work through any problems in your relationship – you and your children adjust to separation or divorce – you and your former partner reach an agreement, and – you and your family adjust to and comply with court orders.

To find a community service near you: Go to, or Call 1800 050 321