e-Conveyancing with Duffy & Simon

At Duffy & Simon we strive to offer the most innovative, highest quality conveyancing service available.   We are achieving this by offering clients access to industry leading services from start to finish.

The last two years have seen an overhaul in the way property transactions are conducted in Victoria and a move from  paper titles to electronic titles together with the compulsory implementation of electronic settlement for conveyancing matters.  It has certainly been an interesting time and a whirlwind for some unsuspecting firms.

Duffy and Simon Lawyers have embraced the changes and the challenges head on and are paving the way to turn the challenges and new requirements into client advantages.

Instant Quotes

Through our new technologies clients now have the ability to obtain a Conveyancing Quote from anywhere at any time via our custom built Web Calculator.

Real Time Updates

Our Client Portal for conveyancing enables clients and Estate Agents to receive concise and trackable communications from Quote to Settlement, with the ability to receive instant ‘real time’ transaction updates.


No more waiting to receive documentation in the post for signing. With our E-Signing technology you can receive and sign important documentation via email on your PC, phone or smart device.

Smart Forms

Via our custom designed and built Web Forms our Clients are able to provide detailed and accurate instructions regarding their transaction to reduce duplication and the immediate capturing and recording of important information.  This enables our office to provide a tailored and efficient approach to each transaction.


Clients and Estate Agents receive instant Settlement notifications and importantly, vendors / sellers receive proceeds from the sale in their account within minutes of settlement.